Myers IV Therapy: Recovery Made Simple

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Being busy is good, but hectic schedules can take a lot out of you. After awhile, travel, deadlines and late nights can take their toll. For those with non-stop schedules, IV therapy in Houston offers a quick and effective way to get a much needed boost. One of the most popular “drips” (or IV Infusion Therapy treatments) is the Myers IV therapy Drip.

The Myers Drip, also known as the Myers Cocktail, is a blend of vitamins and minerals first pioneered by Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who treated patients through IV infusion therapy. The blend includes B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, as well as electrolytes. It’s administered by IV, just like nutrients are in a clinical setting.

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How is the Myers IV Therapy Drip Helpful?

This blend helps busy Houston professionals recover from the rigors of the city’s busy life. B vitamins help us better convert food to fuel and keep us running throughout the day. Everyone knows that calcium helps your bones, but it is also vital to your nervous system, keeping signals firing accurately.

Vitamin C keeps you looking younger by supporting lusher, skin and battling wrinkles. Magnesium is a powerful booster that can help you fight stress, fatigue, aches and pains and even feelings of depression. And, magnesium and vitamin C support your immune system. Together, these support your body’s functions better, increase your energy levels and give you a secret weapon that can get you back to 100% fast.

Benefits of Myers IV Therapy Drip

  • Fights stress
  • Energy and focus
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Improves Muscle growth and recovery
  • Improves Immunity

Why choose IV infusion therapy Instead of Other Options?

Vitamins come in pill form, but that can be the least effective way to consume them. Pills are not always fully analyzed for their vitamin and mineral content; these degrade with age, so you do not know what you are getting. Plus, it all has to go through your digestive system before you can get the benefits.

With IV therapy, you blast through barriers to get these vital nutrients right to where they do your body the most good. From the moment you start your IV infusion therapy, you start feeling the positive effects of the hydration and the electrolytes. The vitamins and minerals go directly into your blood stream, restoring you and helping you recover from everything you put your body through day after day. Therapy is quick and efficient and administered in our relaxing drip spa. You’ll be out and back to you day before you know it.

Ambitious and busy Houstonians work hard and work smart. The Myers IV is a tool to speed your way to recovery when you don’t have time to slow down. By taking a short time out and using this highly effective shortcut, you take a shortcut back to fighting shape.

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