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ThrIVe Migrane Drip

Introducing: ThrIVe Migrane Drip


Eradicate your migraines and other debilitating headaches with this infusion.

Written by: Antasia Adamjee

When you get a migraine, whether it be mild or severe, life is put on hold due to excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting and/or sensitivity to light and sounds. If you are more susceptible to migraines, hydration is a big factor in recovery and prevention of future headaches.

To prevent migraines, we recommend receiving an IV therapy treatment to ensure the body is fully hydrated, as dehydration is a common migraine trigger. If you are already suffering a migraine, we’ve got the solution to get you back on track much quicker than you have experienced before.

Here at ThrIVe Drip Spa, our primary objective is to demonstrate the high efficacy of IV treatment for migraines. To begin the process, we will first have you speak with one of our nurses to ensure the Migraine Drip is most beneficial for your symptoms. The IV treatment begins with 1 Liter of NS/LR and can then be infused with the following: Magnesium, Toradol, Reglan, Benadryl and Zofran.

Magnesium is essential for relaxing the body and research has shown that when we have low magnesium in our diets, it is linked to migraines and headaches. Toradol is an NSAID and is used for the short-term treatment of moderate to severe pain in adults. It is a non narcotic. Reglan is an anti-nausea and anti-vomiting medication and has shown to be effective in the treatment of migraine headaches.

If necessary, we can add Benadryl at no cost into the treatment to help you sleep better; however, you will need to ensure a driver due to possible drowsiness. Lastly, Zofran is available as a substitute to Reglan, or even as an enhancement if necessary.

With just 30 minutes to an hour, we will be able to not only replenish your system to help your body perform at 100% efficiency, but help the severe symptoms brought on by migraines. To let us help you get back on track, check our availability to book your appointment online or contact us directly at the ThrIVe found closest to you.

Click2Houston Boasts Thrive Drip Spa the New Hangover Cure


KPRC2/Click2Houston, NBC TV’s local affiliate in Houston, TX, helps you stay updated with the latest local news, headlines, weather updates, and sports news. Click2Houston also has a news section specifically made for local consumers to stay informed about topics such as restaurants, family, food, pets, education, and money.

thrIVe Drip Spa was featured as a hot, new business that held its grand opening in Houston back in April.

Featured in an article by Sara Donchey at Click2Houston are the famous IV drips by thrIVe Drip Spa that can cure hangovers. thrIVe Drip Spa offers various IV fluids that has numerous health benefits. Customers can order off a menu, much like they would at a traditional day spa, and can customize their IVs with different vitamins and nutrients. You’ll notice a lot of energy, increases your mood, your sleeping patterns, skin is better and so forth.

thrIVe is a Houston Premiere Drip Spa that offers custom IV Therapy, IV Infusion, Cryo Therapy & Botox to help your body detox, rehydrate and rejuvenate. All services are performed by certified professionals. Check out thrIVe’s membership options and pricing here, along with information about the various offered services.

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ABC13 News Anchor Reports on Houston Beauty Drip Spa


ABC13 is the consumer’s source for breaking news from Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods. Its health and fitness section shares articles of health tips, health and fitness news, and features new businesses in the industry including a visit by one of its reporters to ThrIVe Drip Spa.

Thrive Drip Spa was featured on ABC13 for carrying the latest trend in beauty and wellness – an intravenous injection of vitamins and minerals. Viewers can watch Natasha Barrett, a reporter at ABC13, experience her dose of an IV treatment of the “party drip,” which is a hangover cure. Tune in to see what positive health and mental effects Natasha experienced from the treatment.

You can try the “party drip” yourself at ThrIVe! Or if you’re feeling spontaneous, ThrIVe offers dozens of other kinds of IV drips. Check them out here, and get your membership to feeling healthy and refreshed today!

Houston Business Journal

Houston Business Journal Lists thrIVe Drip Spa in Houston


The Houston Business Journal not only covers Houston’s latest industry news and famous executive profiles, but also the latest lifestyle news, including the openings of new upscale spas such as ThrIVe Drip Spa.

Featured on the Houston Business Journal is the opening of two new local spas. Thrive Drip Spa opened its first location in April in Houston, TX. Thrive offers customized IV vitamin drips and boosters in addition to laser treatments and Botox. Marilyn Monroe Spa is also another Houston-based spa that just opened its first location in The Woodlands, TX, offering hair treatments, facials, and various other beauty services.

Aside from the traditional botox and laser services, ThrIVe specializes in Drip Therapy and Cryotherapy. They are unique and health benefits-filled services that local Houstonians have to try! Read up on the different services offered and book your first hydrate or fit drip today!

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PaperCity Magazine Talks Cryotherapy – What’s the Point?


cryotherapy-chamber-in-houstonPaperCity is a print and web-based magazine that showcases local businesses and individuals revolving around the topics of style, interiors, arts, cultures, and parties. So when IV drip therapy came to the city of Houston, PaperCity sent one of their writers over to experience it for herself.

Laurann Claridge, a writer for Papercity, experienced IV drip treatments for the first time at Thrive Drip Spa with a Mr. Myers vitamin drip and a beauty drip. She talked about her exciting experience in the article, along with the many benefits she felt physically and mentally. Head over to PaperCity Magazine to read about her unique yet effective treatments, including a session of cryotherapy, a treatment used to aid in weight loss, muscle recovery, pain management and even skin tightening.

Curious about this new form of spa service everyone’s been raving about lately? Head over to ThrIVe’s website to read more about the procedures and benefits of each service, and sign up for your membership!

cryo therapy for athletes in houston

Cryo Therapy as a Recovery Tool – Should Athletes Use Cryo?


There are a ton of medical benefits to cryo therapy, making it popular among all types of people. One of the biggest of these benefits is for muscle recovery. It’s even more beneficial for athletes who use their bodies in a highly active way during training, competing, or actual games they play. You’ve probably heard of athletes doing the archaic ice bath a time or two. Today though, athletes can get the same benefits that they did from an hour long ice bath, in a 2 minute hop in the cryo spa.

Anyone who is healthy and active can benefit from cryotherapy sessions, and that’s why thrIVe Drip Spa in Houston has been such a hit. This treatment has been used for decades since the early 70s in Europe, but is just now making a big impact on those who use it in the United States. If you’re into total body optimization, adding a cryo therapy session to your training regimen is easily something you should consider.

The Science Behind Cryotherapy Today

The way that cryo therapy works is simple. In a “cryo spa” a single person chamber is used, you enter the Cryo sauna that is cooled down by a liquid form of nitrogen. Your head and neck are sticking out of the chamber, so that you are breathing room temperature air. Then it allows the surface of the rest of your body to cool down by 30-50 degrees in the three minutes that you are in the extremely cold space. The air alone is chilled to -184 degrees.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do the full three minutes. You can build your way up from 30 seconds to three minutes after a few treatments. It just depends on what you can handle. Keep in mind though that your core temperature is not affected, so it’s completely safe. What your body does is response to the cryotherapy is simply amazing. Not only does it release feel good endorphins, burn calories, kick start your metabolism, but it also promotes pain management and muscle rehabilitation when they are sore after sports activity.

Athletes Love Cryo therapy

It’s no surprise given what we’ve discussed that athletes are loving cryotherapy. It’s become a “hot trend” in the spa world that is cool for anyone to try out. Not that athletes have a huge weight management problem, but it does promote weight loss by burning a high number of calories during each session, and rev up the metabolism into high gear.

Simply put, a simple few minute session can assist in the overall training regimen that many athletes subscribe to by promoting healthy muscle tissue, and causing you to lose fat cells in the process. If you’re not trying to shed major wait, it’s a very least a great way for wrestlers and gymnasts to drop a weight class in a pinch.

Celeb Trends: Cryo Therapy for Recovery

Star athletes who are in peak physical condition have said that they like the benefits of this specialized medispa treatment after a tough game. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers have said that they have used cryotherapy to help heal injuries they sustain on the court as professional basketball players.

If it’s good enough for “The King” it should be good enough for regular athletes everywhere who want to up their recovery process faster after intense activity. Some pro basketball teams have even invested in their own cryotherapy chambers to utilize for their athletes on a regular basis during the hard playing season.

In other sports such as boxing, one of the greatest athletes in the world right now is Floyd Mayweather Jr. He is an advocate of cryotherapy for all the benefits that it provides to him after the injuries he sustains in the rink, or during intense training. Think about how you would ice a muscle injury after playing a certain sport. That’s how cryotherapy benefits your entire body with taking this simple concept to an extremely cool level of effectiveness.

healthy woman celebrating iv therapy

Myers IV Therapy: Recovery Made Simple


Being busy is good, but hectic schedules can take a lot out of you. After awhile, travel, deadlines and late nights can take their toll. For those with non-stop schedules, IV therapy in Houston offers a quick and effective way to get a much needed boost. One of the most popular “drips” (or IV Infusion Therapy treatments) is the Myers IV therapy Drip.

The Myers Drip, also known as the Myers Cocktail, is a blend of vitamins and minerals first pioneered by Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who treated patients through IV infusion therapy. The blend includes B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, as well as electrolytes. It’s administered by IV, just like nutrients are in a clinical setting.

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How is the Myers IV Therapy Drip Helpful?

This blend helps busy Houston professionals recover from the rigors of the city’s busy life. B vitamins help us better convert food to fuel and keep us running throughout the day. Everyone knows that calcium helps your bones, but it is also vital to your nervous system, keeping signals firing accurately.

Vitamin C keeps you looking younger by supporting lusher, skin and battling wrinkles. Magnesium is a powerful booster that can help you fight stress, fatigue, aches and pains and even feelings of depression. And, magnesium and vitamin C support your immune system. Together, these support your body’s functions better, increase your energy levels and give you a secret weapon that can get you back to 100% fast.

Benefits of Myers IV Therapy Drip

  • Fights stress
  • Energy and focus
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Improves Muscle growth and recovery
  • Improves Immunity

Why choose IV infusion therapy Instead of Other Options?

Vitamins come in pill form, but that can be the least effective way to consume them. Pills are not always fully analyzed for their vitamin and mineral content; these degrade with age, so you do not know what you are getting. Plus, it all has to go through your digestive system before you can get the benefits.

With IV therapy, you blast through barriers to get these vital nutrients right to where they do your body the most good. From the moment you start your IV infusion therapy, you start feeling the positive effects of the hydration and the electrolytes. The vitamins and minerals go directly into your blood stream, restoring you and helping you recover from everything you put your body through day after day. Therapy is quick and efficient and administered in our relaxing drip spa. You’ll be out and back to you day before you know it.

Ambitious and busy Houstonians work hard and work smart. The Myers IV is a tool to speed your way to recovery when you don’t have time to slow down. By taking a short time out and using this highly effective shortcut, you take a shortcut back to fighting shape.

How Does IV Infusion Work? What to Expect from a Drip Spa


As we get better at optimizing our health and beauty routines, we look to the medical field for help. By combining what doctors know with what health experts know, we improve our feeling of vitality and wellness.

The newest innovation in wellness and beauty goes under the skin to nourish and detoxify your body in a much more direct way than ever before. What should you expect when you visit a drip spa?

What Is IV Infusion Therapy?

drip-spa-iv-infusion-bag-dripWhen you consume vitamins, minerals and other nutrients orally, they need to be metabolized by your liver and pass through your digestive system on the way to being absorbed. The age and condition of produce can affect the vitamin level when you get your nutrients from food.

With pill supplements, quality and age, as well as your unique absorption rates, can keep you from getting the full benefit of treatment. Liquid extracts can be better, but there is still the problem of inefficient absorption through your digestive system.

IV therapy allows helpful substances to go directly into your blood stream. You take in virtually all of what is administered. It goes directly to where it can help the most.

IV therapy has been embraced by glitterati from around the world as a fast and effective way to improve weight loss, replenish depleted stores of nutrients and flush out damaging toxins.

Meeting the Staff & Going Over Health History

The first step when you arrive at our Houston drop spa for your infusion is to meet your practitioners and discuss your health history. The knowledgeable spa workers will ask a few questions about your health in general and also ensure that there is nothing in your medical history that would make an IV infusion inadvisable. The consultation takes just a few minutes and is totally confidential.

Picking Your Drip

There are a wide array of IV infusions available to combat a wide range of issues. Simple hydration drips replenish electrolytes and fluids to help your body flush toxins and support your best level of health.

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Pain relief formulas erase aches and pains. Detox and post party drips can help undo the damage that we can all find ourselves subject to in the rigors of day to day life.

The slim drip helps stimulate your metabolism to make inches fall off. The beauty drip supports fresh and supple skin through a combination of vitamins and minerals. If you aren’t sure what drip you want, our staff can help guide you to one that suits your unique preferences and needs.

What Happens During Treatment?

The IVs used during IV infusion therapy are exactly the same medical grade equipment that you’d find in a hospital. But, instead of a clinical experience, IV infusions are calming, relaxing and refreshing. Treatment is administered in a quiet, attractive spa setting.

Depending on the treatment you choose, you can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. Our attentive staff keeps you comfortable, calm and cared for throughout treatment. Clients find the experience tranquil and healing.

What Happens After Treatment?

girl-drinking-water-refreshed-after-drip-spaYou’ll start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration and electrolytes. Most people leave feeling energized and refreshed and enjoy the benefits for some time after treatment. There are no harmful side effects.

IV infusion is the elite, self-care regimen that you never knew that you needed to feel your very best. These treatments administer the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need in the most efficient way possible. Turn back the clock to recapture the best, most vibrant version of you.

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