Fit Drip

Muscle recovery and hydration, all in one.

1 Liter of IV Fluids | L-Carnitine | L-Arginine | BCAAs | Electrolytes

For athletes and those who want to recover faster from workouts, the Fit Drip provides a concentrated intravenous dose of amino acids and vitamins that produce rapid results and support the rebuilding of muscles. Improve your performance, decrease soreness, and build strength faster with this specially formulated IV drip therapy.

The Fit Drip is recommended for clients who want to:

  • Achieve maximum output
  • Improve metabolism and burn fat
  • Recover faster from workouts
  • Reduce muscle soreness

Whether you use this IV drip as a pre-endurance boost or post-workout recovery, the Fit Drip can help you train better, recover faster, and meet your fitness and weight loss goals. Boost the effects by combining it with the BCAA Shot, Tri Amino Shot, or B-Complex Booster, all of which are offered at our spas in various locations in Texas.

Benefits of the Detox IV Drip Infusions:

L-Carnitine: This natural chemical aids the body in turning fat into an energy source. It is also critical for proper muscle, heart, and brain function.

L-Arginine: L-Arginine aids in the production of protein as well as supporting the circulatory system. It has been known to help lower blood pressure in addition to having other health benefits.

BCAAs: Branched-Chain Amino Acids serve many functions in the body, including increasing muscle growth, alleviating muscle soreness and reducing exercise fatigue.

Member Price: $120
Walk-Ins: $190


With locations all over the Greater Houston area, TX and the Rio Grande Valley, we are expanding to continue servicing the growing demand of our community.

As pioneers of IV Therapy, ThrIVe Drip Spa is led by MIT alumn, Dr. Eugene Lou, who instills passion and safety into every location we open.

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