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COVID-19 Primer and Immunity: A message from our CEO

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Primer on Covid-19 and Immunity

by Eugene Lou, MD

Jan 20, 2021

Covid-19 has disrupted lives around the world and led to a myriad of issues ranging from economic disaster to mental health tolls. Weekly there seems to be varying and sometimes contradictory messages from experts which further exacerbates the state of frustration and fear in our communities.

I would like to give a synopsis and brief explanation of the current state of knowledge which may give some clarity and peace of mind the community. My educational background was in genetics/molecular biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I worked on research projects and published with 3 Nobel Laureates in the field of the Human Genome Project at the Whitehead Institute. Immunology/Virology was an integral part of my studies and training. For the past 20+ years I have been an orthopedic surgeon in private practice who has also done voluntary teaching for residency programs.

Quick topics:

A) Basics of the immune system – the main components of the immune system are the B cells and the T cells. B cells produce antibodies that act as the guard dogs of the body. T cells are the Terminator cells that destroy invaders such as viruses and bacteria. The B cells produce and replicate antibodies when they encounter foreign invaders. The “guard dog” antibodies will cling to the foreign invaders and slow them down, potentially rendering them impotent so the invaders cannot cause problems. The Terminator cells will recognize the clusters of guard dogs attached to the invaders and will ingest and destroy them. The Terminator cells can also recognize and destroy invaders in the absence of the guard dogs as well.

B) Antibody testing – the guard dogs can be measured on COVID antibody tests when they are circulating in numbers. Typically their presence is measured 3 days to 3 months after exposure to COVID. After 3 months their levels are not detectable but this does not mean they are gone! They are simply in storage or resting. Think of the antibodies as guard dogs barking at the mail man. You can hear and see them but they are quiet after the mail man leaves. This doesn’t mean they are gone – they’re just not barking at the window. We now know the B cells that produce the guard dogs /antibodies to COVID elevate to a high level after exposure and remain elevated for probably 10 years or more. Therefore antibody activity can be mobilized at any time

C) T cell testing – likewise, COVID specific T cells increase and remain elevated after COVID exposure and likely will remain available for 10 years or more

D) Vaccines – the current vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna introduce a man-made m-RNA into the body which then instructs our own cells to produce pieces of the COVID virus that will trigger our immune systems to train to kill. In the past, vaccines have used dead or synthetic viruses to train our immune system. The most accurate vaccine you can train your immune system to recognize would be the actual virus itself. When searching for a lost person or pet we typically use photos of the actual lost person/pet, as it is more accurate that a sketch or drawing.

E) Inherent immunity – we have testing blood donated between 2015-2018 and found that up to 40% of this blood has some intrinsic immune response vs COVID-19. Blood donated before the COVID pandemic has some immune response vs COVID!! How can this be? COVID is a part of the coronavirus family which includes the common cold. Think of your immune system as a car enthusiast. Someone brings a BMW from 2030 to present day. The car enthusiast can recognize some traits and patterns in the styling that would allow the enthusiast to deduct that future car as being a BMW.

F) Immunity passport – There has been talk of being able to give people an immunity passport recognizing that they are immune to COVID and non infectious to permit unrestricted travel, etc. This will soon be available through testing of COVID specific B and T cell levels. This immunity passport testing will let us know that our immune systems are ready to prevent COVID infection whether from inherent immunity, immunity after COVID exposure, or immunity after vaccination. It will also allow us to determine if any primary or repeat vaccination is necessary

G) Herd Immunity – When a significant portion of the population becomes immune to COVID the rate of transmission will drop precipitously and the virus will burn out. The virus would be like a tired door to door salesman unable to gain entry to non-responsive households, then fading away because it can no longer recharge inside these households and replicate itself.

In summary we soon will be able to effectively manage and navigate the needs of the community to achieve “herd immunity.” New immunity testing will allow us to determine who actually would benefit from immunization and who doesn’t need it. This will be very important in allowing society to resume normal social functioning.

Eugene Lou, MD

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The Benefits of a Detox Drip

By | Detox Drip

Focuses on cellular cleansing, detoxing your organs and eliminating toxins.

Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally found throughout almost every organism on earth. It is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant because of its many vital roles within the body. At a basic level, Glutathione will function as a support with helping to prevent strokes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Parkinson’s, etc. When you have a constant and higher threshold of the component in your cells, your body is rewarded with greater benefits, such as: increasing energy levels, improving skin quality, supporting the immune system, detoxifying organs, decreasing stress and much more.

Natural forms of Glutathione can be found in (but isn’t limited to):

  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, etc.)
  • Allium Vegetables (garlic, onion)
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Lean protein (fish, chicken)
  • Milk Thistle
  • Flaxseed


Increase Energy With Glutathione.

Glutathione focuses on protecting the mitochondria, which is crucial in energy production and preventing cell death. All things concerning your health and energy begin at a cellular level, hence the importance of Glutathione. As we grow older, our cells become damaged by outside factors such as oxidative stress, free radicals, pesticides, food and alcohol. When healthy cells are damaged, not only do they work less efficiently, but they also consume energy from other healthier cells and it becomes an ongoing process through the entire body.

Glutathione will help you “stay alert and feel that surge of healthy energy throughout the day” because it will help cells “efficiently carry oxygen, proteins, hydration, nutrients, electrolytes, minerals and important antioxidants.” Healthy working cells mean a continuous boost in your energy.


Improve Your Skin.

There are many products available these days, which boast about their brightening, tightening and glow inducing benefits; however, most are formulated with other components or harmful ingredients. Glutathione will delay and reverse cell damage, reduce the effects of aging and support evening out your skin tone.

Glutathione has long been used for its skin brightening benefits. It reduces wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation and inflammation of the skin. Effects vary from person to person, but can be seen just a few weeks after doing high dosages of Glutathione.


Support Your Immune System.

Glutathione plays a vital role in supporting our immune system. It will balance inflammation, neutralize damaged cells, decrease toxicity, alleviate symptoms of the cold and flu and essentially strengthen the immune system overall so when the body is under attack by the virus, your cells are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Without the proper amount of Glutathione in our cells, the body is unable to function or respond properly.


Help Stress With Glutathione.

Glutathione provides a critical defense system for the protection of cells from many forms of stress. As we age, not only does the health of our cells decline, but also does the Glutathione within those cells. As this happens, it puts ours cells at risk for succumbing into stress. Fatigued and under nourished cells coupled with stress is the perfect formula for disease.

As you’ve read above, it is clear Glutathione is an extremely powerful and beneficial antioxidant that our bodies need to function at peak performance. With higher dosages of Glutathione, our bodies are supported when it comes to fatigue, diseases, stress, aging, our immune and health systems, the list goes on.

We offer Glutathione as a booster to any of our drips, or as the main agent in our Detox Drip. Glutathione is our most popular component and favored by many!

Maintaining wellness has never been more important and we hope you have a better understanding after reading this article. For any other questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to contact us at either of our following locations:

1014 Wirt Rd Suite 210
Houston Tx 77055}

West University
3277 Southwest Freeway
Houston Tx 77027

9595 Six Pines Dr Suite 1460
Woodlands Tx 77380









Worried About Coronavirus? Keep Your Immune System At Peak Function!


We are all relatively familiar with the flu – the coughing, sneezing, body aches, fever and restless nights. With the Coronavirus taking the world at such an alarming pace, staying on top of your wellness and maintaining a strong immune system has never been more important.

Viruses transmit mainly from person to person or between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). In addition to this, respiratory droplets, which are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and another inhales it, are a common form of transmission. In addition to direct contact, a study shows that viruses similar to the Coronavirus have lived on surfaces anywhere from two hours to nine days. Common symptoms with the Coronavirus include but are not limited to: Fever, cough and/or shortness of breath.

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Finding the right balance with Vitamin D


When many people think about vitamin D, they likely think about their bones. Vitamin D is known for helping to balance minerals like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium for healthy bone formation and mineralization. Interestingly, Vitamin D is not actually a Vitamin but a prohormone that is produced in the body in response to sun exposure and/or certain foods and supplements. Vitamin D insufficiency is found in 50% the worldwide population due to lifestyle, environmental factors and lack of Vitamin D food groups.

Vitamin D is unique because it can be made in the skin from exposure to sunlight. It exists in two forms, Vitamin D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 is found naturally in sun-exposed mushrooms and Vitamin D3 is most commonly produced in response to sun exposure or oil-rich fish, hence the more “natural” form.

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Worried About Coronavirus? Keep Your Immune System At Peak Function!


We are all relatively familiar with the flu – the coughing, sneezing, body aches, fever and restless nights. With the Coronavirus taking the world at such an alarming pace, staying on top of your wellness and maintaining a strong immune system has never been more important.

Viruses transmit mainly from person to person or between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). In addition to this, respiratory droplets, which are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and another inhales it, are a common form of transmission. In addition to direct contact, a study shows that viruses similar to the Coronavirus have lived on surfaces anywhere from two hours to nine days. Common symptoms with the Coronavirus include but are not limited to: Fever, cough and/or shortness of breath.

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What is NAD+ and How Will It Help You? Improve Your Neuro-Function and General Wellness with NAD+ Today!


As we age, our bodies naturally decline in synthesizing NAD, which is crucial to essential biological processes. NAD+ is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body, which focuses on regulating health, neuro-protection, DNA repair and anti-aging.

Discovered in 1906, NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a prized molecule because of its ability to bind to other enzymes to help cause reactions on a molecular level. While NAD+ is vital to its role in biological functions, it naturally decreases in production as we age. NAD+ is the gateway to building and maintaining healthy internal organs, a healthy neurological system, increased energy levels and anti-aging.

NAD+ is one of the most important tools you can give your cells, and ultimately yourself. Stronger cells equals a stronger you! There are many benefits to receiving NAD+ through IV Therapy, and here are some we want to share with you:

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By | Beauty Drip

Written by: Antasia Adamjee

Also known as vitamin B7, this key nutrient is needed to maintain healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive, and cardiovascular functions. Biotin also helps us keep a young and attractive appearance as it plays a role in maintaining the health of our skin, hair, and nails.

Many people consume Biotin (B7) in their daily foods and as a supplement, it is commonly taken orally. Here at ThrIVe Drip Spa, we offer Biotin to be administered through your IV as an add on, or as intramuscular injection with a dosage of 10mg. Receiving your Biotin this way, versus orally, helps the body absorb it at a higher and quicker rate, so you will feel the effects much quicker.

Being deficient in Biotin is noticeable in many ways. The deficiency can cause dry or irritated skin, brittle nails, digestive issues, decreased energy and mood, mood instability and many other symptoms. The benefits by receiving Biotin at a concentrated dose will help alleviate these symptoms.

The great health benefits of Biotin include:

  • Supporting a healthy metabolism
  • Improving glucose intolerance and balancing blood sugar
  • Maintaining healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Protects brain health and cognitive decline
  • Cardiovascular system benefits
  • Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Function
  • Aides in building and repairing muscles and tissues

To reap the benefits of this great vitamin, visit your nearest ThrIVe, which you can find in the locations tab on our website at www.ThrIVeDripSpa.com or give us a call at (713) 955-3747

High C Drip

By | IV Therapy

Written by: Antasia Adamjee

Increase your quality of life with a high dosage of vitamin C to enrich your immune system. Boost your compromised immune system with our highest dose of Vitamin C available. This drip is a great stimulus for wellness, aids with medical conditions, and improves overall well-being.

Vitamin C is naturally found in food and produced into dietary supplements. While its most commonly known for its boost in collagen productions and immune system support, there are many more benefits that focus on overall health and wellness. Here at ThrIVe Drip Spa, we are focused on improving your quality of life with our different options in IV Therapy. To help with your skin, immune system and focus of such, we have introduced the “High C Drip.”

Whether you are taking vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, medication or anything else orally, it is most effective when administered through an IV. This is due to the fact that because your body receives it directly to the bloodstream, it is absorbed at its highest potential, at 100%. To help further break down the benefits of a high dose vitamin c drip and why it may be beneficial to you, read further or give us a call at (713) 955-3747.

Do you know what free radicals are? Free radicals cause deterioration in the body, damage DNA and building blocks of all tissues, and lead to many health problems. The way that Vitamin C comes in to play to help with free radicals, is it neutralizes them and aides in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which then helps your body repair damaged skin cells. Beyond neutralizing free radicals, Vitamin C triggers the skin to heal itself by accelerating collagen and elastin production; thus, it prevents premature aging of the skin.

Whenever you get sick, the first things people typically reach for are: medication, tea and tissues. Vitamin C is also important in these times because as stated before, it is a vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to promote health and strength. While we don’t promote that Vitamin C will completely eradicate the chances of you getting sick, it has been proven to drastically reduce the symptoms that come along with illness, and the duration throughout. Vitamin C has been found to significantly prevent and alleviate infections caused by diverse bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Moving past illness, the benefits are still great. Vitamin C has been found to lower blood pressure in both healthy adults and adults with existing high blood pressure. It has also been linked to a reduced risk of heart rate disease, by lowering disease risk factors including “bad” cholesterol and blood triglycerides. When it comes to vitamin deficiency, low vitamin c levels have been linked to an increased risk of memory and thinking disorders such as dementia, while a high intake of vitamin c from foods and supplements has been shown to have a protective effect on the mind.

On the other hand, Vitamin C has made its way onto the front-page concerning skin. Vitamin C is an essential part of the skin’s defense system. It is actively transported to the skin where it can act as an antioxidant and help strengthen the skin’s barriers. The base fact behind the claim of IV Therapy is that they will not only hydrate you enough so it shows on your face, but that they also have the ability to enrich your blood with glow-boosting vitamins.

Now, you can get the hydration your body and skin needs, infused with a high dose of Vitamin C, here at ThrIVe Drip Spa. Give us a call at (713) 955-3747 or visit our locations tab on our website at www.ThrIVeDripSpa.com

ThrIVe Migrane Drip

Introducing: ThrIVe Migrane Drip


Eradicate your migraines and other debilitating headaches with this infusion.

Written by: Antasia Adamjee

When you get a migraine, whether it be mild or severe, life is put on hold due to excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting and/or sensitivity to light and sounds. If you are more susceptible to migraines, hydration is a big factor in recovery and prevention of future headaches.

To prevent migraines, we recommend receiving an IV therapy treatment to ensure the body is fully hydrated, as dehydration is a common migraine trigger. If you are already suffering a migraine, we’ve got the solution to get you back on track much quicker than you have experienced before.

Here at ThrIVe Drip Spa, our primary objective is to demonstrate the high efficacy of IV treatment for migraines. To begin the process, we will first have you speak with one of our nurses to ensure the Migraine Drip is most beneficial for your symptoms. The IV treatment begins with 1 Liter of NS/LR and can then be infused with the following: Magnesium, Toradol, Reglan, Benadryl and Zofran.

Magnesium is essential for relaxing the body and research has shown that when we have low magnesium in our diets, it is linked to migraines and headaches. Toradol is an NSAID and is used for the short-term treatment of moderate to severe pain in adults. It is a non narcotic. Reglan is an anti-nausea and anti-vomiting medication and has shown to be effective in the treatment of migraine headaches.

If necessary, we can add Benadryl at no cost into the treatment to help you sleep better; however, you will need to ensure a driver due to possible drowsiness. Lastly, Zofran is available as a substitute to Reglan, or even as an enhancement if necessary.

With just 30 minutes to an hour, we will be able to not only replenish your system to help your body perform at 100% efficiency, but help the severe symptoms brought on by migraines. To let us help you get back on track, check our availability to book your appointment online or contact us directly at the ThrIVe found closest to you.

9 Benefits of Hydration IV Therapy

By | IV Therapy
Written by Chris Meisenhalder


You’ve probably been told many times that it’s important to stay hydrated. That used to mean drinking plenty of water and other fluids. But, now there’s a much better way to get your fluids—hydration IV therapy. Active, health-conscious people are discovering that the benefits of hydration IV therapy even outweigh the benefits of drinking lots of water. Here are nine of the key benefits hydration IV therapy delivers:

1. Hydration IV Therapy is More Efficient

Drinking fluids is actually not an efficient way to stave off dehydration. When you drink from a water bottle after a workout the tissues in your throat and along your digestive tract absorb most of the liquid. But, all of the tissues in your body need to be hydrated. That’s the reason you have to drink a lot of water to sufficiently hydrate yourself. Hydration IV therapy injects the fluids directly into your bloodstream so your body can deliver the fluids where you need them most. It’s a faster, more efficient way to hydrate your body.

2. You Need More Than Just Fluids

When your workouts are intense, you are losing more than just fluids. Drinking water isn’t enough. You also need to replenish your electrolytes and other lost nutrients. Drinking water doesn’t do that. Plus, drinking isn’t an efficient way to deliver the nutrients you need when you need them. Hydration IV therapy allows you not only get hydrated, but you also can refresh and replenish your body with the nutrients you need right away.

3. Hydration Therapy is Easier on Your Digestive System

Drinking a lot of fluids can be hard on your digestive system. Often you have to drink a higher volume of fluids than your body can absorb at one time. Your digestive system must work overtime to get rid of the fluids it cannot process. When your body starts to try and get rid of the excess fluids, it can lead to you flushing out many of the nutrients your body needs. If you are taking supplements with our fluids, those supplements can irritate your digestive tract. Hydration IV therapy allows your body to absorb nutrients and fluids without relying on the digestive system. It creates less waste than drinking fluids, and your body can retain more of the nutrients it needs.

4. Reduced Recovery Time

Hydration is critical to the recovery of your body. Athletes need hydration after a workout to help decrease muscle soreness and stiffness. If you are feeling tired after a long day at the office, you are actually dehydrated and need fluids right away to restore your energy. Fluids even help you recover from a hangover faster. Because it is so efficient, hydration IV therapy helps your body recover faster than drinking fluids does after you have been pushing yourself in a workout. The mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and fluids that you get with hydration IV therapy allows you to get back to feeling great in no time.

5. Hydration IV Therapy is Customized to Your Body

We are all different. Our bodies have different needs depending on our health, activity level, and our lifestyle. Drinking fluids doesn’t give your body the specific things it needs to perform at the highest levels. Hydration IV therapy is completely customized to your body. You get the perfect mix of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients that you need to feel your best. You can have hydration IV therapy that focuses on:
– Athletic recovery
– Energy boosts
– Hangover recovery
– Skin care
– Immunity boosts

6. Immunity Boosts

Nobody likes to be sick. Hydration IV therapy can help you avoid many common illnesses by providing you with a quick and efficient dose of immunity-boosting compounds like Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Having these vitamins put directly into your bloodstream through IV therapy makes them much more effective than taking them orally. IV therapy is designed to get these immunity boosters to the parts of your body where you need them most.

7. Flushes Toxins from Your System

Dehydration affects your body in many different ways. It can lead to problems with your digestive tract, like constipation. It can damage your liver and kidneys and allow toxins to build up in your system. Hydration IV therapy flushes your body with clean fluids and helps improve the functioning of your vital organs. IV therapy allows your liver and kidneys to do their jobs more efficiently. Your kidneys and liver work to filter out toxins in your body and then eliminate those toxins. Drinking fluids often is too slow to allow your organs to get rid of all of the toxins that have built up. IV therapy quickly delivers the fluids in the proper amounts to all of your vital organs.

8. Improves Cognitive Function

Your brain needs to be well hydrated to work effectively or at its best. By the time you experience thirst, you are already dehydrated. At the earliest signs of dehydration, your brain begins to slow down. You don’t process information as quickly, and your memory may become impaired. Fluids keep your brain functioning properly. When you are well-hydrated, you make better decisions. However, the brain is one of the last places to get hydrated when you are only drinking fluids. Hydration IV therapy improves your cognitive functions much faster than just drinking water.

9. Improved Skin, Joint, and Muscle Health

We are all between 55% and 60% water. When we are dehydrated, we immediately feel the effects. But, the signs of dehydration are more than just being thirsty. Dry skin, joint pain, and muscle aches are also all signs of inadequate hydration. However, getting enough liquids to these trouble areas is a real challenge if you are only drinking fluids. Hydration IV therapy will rapidly improve the health of your skin, joints, and muscles. The powerful influx of fluids and nutrients flushes toxins from these areas and restores them to full health. Hydration IV therapy helps you look and feel healthy, so you can always be at your best.


If you would like to give this revolutionizing treatment a try check out our drips to find the best one for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of our locations in Memorial, and The Woodlands, TX.

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