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What is pneumatic compression?

Pneumatic medicine is the use of non-invasive, painless, dynamic external compression to treat a variety of medical conditions including swollen limbs, non-healing wounds, lymphedema, and other circulation-related disorders.

You may benefit from the NormaTec Via Series if you have swollen legs, swollen arms (especially from breast cancer), diabetic or other non-healing wounds, cellulitis (skin infection), varicose veins, or cramping and pain after walking short distances.

Restore your health

Benefits of Normatec

-Increases range of motion
-Increases mobility
-Increases circulation
-Decreases muscle fatigue
-Reduces muscle tenderness

Compression therapy that works

Get back to normal

-Speeds up recovery post workout
-Expels built up latic acid within the muscle

Nonmember: $25 a session
Members: $20 a session

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