What’s the Deal With Cryotherapy? A Complete Guide

cryotherapy in Houston

In the world of medispa treatments there is a wide variety of interesting options to choose from. Whether your goal is an anti-aging one, just to relax, or tackle some other issues, there is a Houston spa that caters to all of your health and wellness needs. The Thrive Drip Spa is one of the latest to offer cryotherapy to its clients. This is basically the use of extreme cold to treat the body. It’s been used for decades in therapy by the Japanese and European people, but it’s just now becoming more popular in the United States. Here is everything you need to know about this burgeoning medispa experience. Get ready to chill your way to better health.

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

ice for cryotherapyCryotherapy in a “cryo spa” is a treatment that utilizes a special cryosauna. In this chamber a combination of cooling techniques are used to drop the surface body temperature by 30-50 degrees in just a few minutes using a form of liquid nitrogen that cools the air.

That’s all the time you need to have this type of treatment. You don’t have to do the full three minutes, you can go in anytime between that, and as little as 30 seconds. Anything longer would be too much, so it’s carefully monitored by spa technicians. It’s meant to trigger all the regulatory systems of the body to go into a high gear of healing.

Originally this type of cryotherapy was used to treat conditions such as arthritis, or help with chronic inflammatory pain due to a variety of conditions. It does improve overall blood flow, and promote the healing of damaged tissues.


  • Cold therapy (extreme cold temperatures)
  • Used to stimulate blood flow
  • 30 Sec. – 3 Minutes Long
  • Helps with Inflamation
  • Promotes Healing

How a Cryotherapy Session Workscryotherapy-chamber-in-houston

Before you start, you are outfitted with dry socks, gloves, and slippers to protect the extremities from the extreme cold. In a single person chamber, your head and neck are sticking out of the cryosauna so you are breathing regular air.

In some multiple person chambers, you can go completely head to toe into the space, so sometimes a hat or earmuffs are worn to cover the ears. A face mask is used to protect the nasal passages from the extreme cold. Your oxygen level is also monitored as an extra safety precaution, although there isn’t any adverse effects you have to worry about. You are completely safe during your highly effective treatment. At Thrive Spa we have a single person chamber that we utilize for this much loved client therapy.

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The Beauty Benefits of Cryo Therapy

Many people love this type of treatment for cosmetic reasons, such as weight loss, and the skin firming benefits. This process actually kicks your metabolism into high gear causing you to burn 500-800 calories per session with a treatment of cryotherapy.

During the treatment your body also releases endorphins in the same way as when you exercise with high intensity. So you are going to feel that rush throughout your body during and after the treatment. That’s just another one of the many benefits to the process.

The reason your skin tone is improved is that once you submit to the cold rush of treatment it causes your skin to produce more collagen in response. So that way your elasticity is improved deep in the layers of your epidermis. This can improve the look of cellulite, as it is able to smooth out dimpled skin in many people’s trouble areas like the back of the thighs and behind area.

For total body rejuvenation, you are going to want to explore yourself what cryotherapy can do for you. Consult your Thrive Spa specialist in Houston to schedule your appointment for this unique treatment, or if you have any additional questions about this amazing service.

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