IV Therapy in Houston: Hydrate, Heal, or Enhance

We work hard, we play hard, and we’re always up for a party. But, our all-in approach to life can sometimes take a toll. That’s where IV infusion therapy comes in. While it’s likely you’ve never heard of it, it’s been a secret of celebrities and the powerful for a decade or more. While it was once only found in huge and “posh” cities like  LA and New York, we’re happy to welcome IV Therapy in Houston, and here’s why.

Have you ever looked at a hospital IV and thought “that sure would help my next hangover?” You were right. And, IV therapy can also help with a wide range of modern challenges, from rehydrating after travel to replenishing the skin to getting that extra performance push in a race or at the gym.

In IV therapy, hydration, nutrients and electrolytes are administered intravenously. This is the same technology that is used in medical settings. But, instead, you get to relax in a sumptuous spa while you super charge your health.

The Benefits of IV Therapy Over Other Options

When you eat, drink or take supplements in pills, everything needs to pass through your digestion system first. This means that you are stuck waiting on results until your body can absorb nutrients from your stomach or intestines. And, what you take in is metabolized by your body before it ever reaches your blood stream, so it changes in composition before it gets to the place where it works.

With IV therapy, the treatment goes directly to your bloodstream. No worrying about the age of produce or the purity of supplement pills. No waiting for your body to properly absorb what you are taking in. The vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and hydration get a direct route to your blood stream.

Adherents of IV therapy say that they can feel the effects as soon as the hydrating solution starts to enter their veins. And, you’ll feel a spring in your step from the time you leave our Houston spa till you head to bed that night and a more energetic you for days after.

What Kind of IV Therapy in Houston?

IV therapy can help you get an edge in a number of areas. Those trying to take off those last few holiday pounds should check out our Slimming Drip. Athletes looking for enhanced performance will love our vitamin-enriched Fit Drip. Looking for a fresher, younger look? Our Beauty Drip nourishes the skin and removes toxin to make you look dewy and radiant. And, if you are anticipating a wild weekend, high up our Libido Drip for enhancement before and our Detox or Party Drip for recovery after.

There’s no need to be at the mercy of Mother Nature. You can look better, feel better, perform better and release the stresses of everyday life with even a single visit. Contact us now if you’re ready to take on the latest trend and try the best IV Therapy in Houston!

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