IV Infusion Houston: Beat Dehydration

dehydration needs iv infusion therapy

Most people know about the dangers of serious dehydration. But, even mild dehydration can have some pretty serious negative effects. By the time you’ve lost even a little of your body’s natural hydration, it can negatively impact your feelings of well being, your mood and even your ability to think clearly. IV infusion therapy helps you re-hydrate fast and get back to feeling your best.

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Mild Dehydration Symptoms and Dangers

If you are down by even 1.5% of your body’s normal water volume, you are considered mildly dehydrated. Don’t count on feelings of thirst to alert you. Thirst does not begin to kick in until you are already down 1 to 2% of your body’s water content. If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated enough to be experiencing some negative effects.

In a recent study, scientists looked at the effects of mild dehydration. They had participants walk on a treadmill for long enough to induce mild dehydration. Then, they gave the participants tests that measured reasoning, memory, vigilance, concentration, learning and reaction time.

The people involved in the study said that they felt effects that included fatigue, tension, anxiety and headaches. Additionally, they did not score as well on the mental tasks as people who were adequately hydrated. The after-effects of dehydration persisted even after the participants were rehydrated; while they performed better on tasks, they still perceived the tests as being difficult to complete.

People who were suffering from dehydration had lower motivation to engage in even mild exercise. This lack of motivation can keep you out of the gym and mess with your general health and wellness. And, since exercise is associated with better decision-making, a more upbeat outlook and better energy, the combined effects of dehydration and skipping your workout add up to a double whammy.

The IV Infusion Houston Heat Requires

While dehydration is often associated with exercise, Houston’s heat can mean that you are sweating out hydration as quickly as you are taking it in. Over time, the effects can leave you feeling fatigued, emotionally wiped out, anxious and unwell.

Our Houston IV infusion treatments get you back on the path to proper hydration. As soon as IV infusion therapy starts, your body begins taking in replenishing fluids. There’s no wait while your digestive system slowly absorbs fluids. They go directly into your blood stream for delivery. Most people start feeling the beneficial effects right away and feel refreshed and restored for the rest of the day.

Operating at less than 100%? Dehydration could be the cause. Come to our Houston IV Infusion spa to get hydrated and refreshed.

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